Imagining E-books


As always in the hoopla and hype about new generation of e-readers, the discussion of content has been neglected. I also imagine the future like Karen, and I want to see more enriched content in e-books. As a kid I loved the Anne of Green Gables books, and in my perfect e-book there would be enriched content, like links to historic sites on Prince Edward Island, letters or research notes from the author, literary criticism for the students, or storytelling games for the kids. For more contemporary authors, one could mine their web sites for music, movies and books that inspire them and include that information.

I have only seen a small sample of e-books and my e-publishing expert assures me there are some of them come with enriched content. We are at the cusp of making e-books a dynamic medium. I urge publishers to really think about the final product and how to make it fun and interactive. As a parallel example, when movie DVD’s first came out targeted to consumers, the uncut version of Blade Runner caused a lot of interest. Being geeky, and if I really enjoyed the movie, I love DVD’s that include director’s commentary.  I am disappointed if I play a DVD and there are no extra features. This is the path that e-books need to follow if they are to really attract readers.

And now to throw a curve ball,  a cute video reminding you why plain old books are still awesome and people will always read no matter what the format is.

– Brenda


2 Responses to “Imagining E-books”

  1. 1 Karen

    What a great idea! And publishers could easily charge for additional content. It might even convert an old-fashioned hard copy lover like me!

  2. 2 Brenda

    I forgot to say my test case IPad reader has been buying a book a day so e-books can be addictive. Or maybe human nature and novelty of the new toys.

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