Win-win swag


Karen has gone to a few conferences recently and will have some good swag. What makes swag both useful for recipient and gets the message across for the vendor? I came across excellent swag today with my takeout coffee, as the sleeve had ad for local theatre company in the cafe’s neighbourhood. Pretty clever as it was both useful and got marketing message across.

I sometimes feel that another conference, another fridge magnet or pen. I don’t need a gazillion pens and because every vendor does one, the message becomes diluted. Here are other examples of swag that works.

– Flash drive from engineering conference (newness of it as not a lot of other conferences doing it and useful tool every time used)

– Fridge magnet that holds envelope, so you will remember to mail envelope or take other action (again unique and on message, when look at magnet)

– Key ring from realtor (useful and swag ties into homes)

Do you have examples to submit?

– Brenda


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