Testing iPad


Here are some random thoughts about the iPad which landed in Canada. By the way I was at the local mall as fights broke out and about 50 people were lined up ready to charge the front door!

  • Feels heavier than it looks
  • Average for battery life and can turn down brightness to save energy
  • No applications close so different than Windows
  • Maximizing windows is funny flicking finger move
  • No e-mail but a workaround is to use Skype
  • Reading books is great with colour illustrations
  • Financial Times did not come in special digital version just web version
  • Not ergonomically correct and rip off that stand does not come as standard issue
  • Great for storing and displaying photos

This last comment was funny because it came from someone who is very electronic oriented and was an early adopter of the iPhone. Also I asked a diehard Apple user if he was buying one, but he is waiting for 2nd generation to come out. Hmmm…

Update: See SLAW post from Simon Fodden about Tech Tips

– Brenda


2 Responses to “Testing iPad”

  1. 1 Karen

    Oh, I’m devastated! You got an iPad before me?

    You should be able to get an email application from the app store. I got an iPod touch for Mother’s Day (thanks tons kids!) and they loaded all the apps I needed. And I’ve added a few more, like echofon for my Twitter feeds. As long as you can set it up for Wi-fi, you can get webmail.

    I have to say, I’m also looking at a 2nd gen iPad. But I’m having so much fun with my Touch, I may never make the move!

  2. 2 B Wong

    No iPad yet so you can stop being jealous. I was testing out Ted’s new toy.

    I forgot to mention that that I played Boggle game and there is a Zombie game as apps. The gaming ability of iPad might hurt traditional gaming devices or smart phones according Maclean’s magazine. But best games still on PSP and etc.

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