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I had the unique experience of being a host to new immigrants through Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia. What benefits did I gain? I met people, who were starting a new life in Canada, giving me insight into the challenges that my parents experienced when they moved to Canada. There were people from China, […]

A couple of months ago, I was asked to be a contributing columnist for, “a cooperative weblog on all things legal”. My area is Legal Information – can’t get much broader than that! My first column, “A little light weeding“, was just published yesterday. Thanks to Emma D-W for the title! ~ Karen

When I tell people I’m a law librarian at a law firm, I usually get one of two responses. “Oh, I love books!” or reading or something along those lines. Or, “What does a librarian do at a law firm?” I try not to roll my eyes if the speaker is standing right in front of me, […]

Win-win swag


Karen has gone to a few conferences recently and will have some good swag. What makes swag both useful for recipient and gets the message across for the vendor? I came across excellent swag today with my takeout coffee, as the sleeve had ad for local theatre company in the cafe’s neighbourhood. Pretty clever as […]

Testing iPad


Here are some random thoughts about the iPad which landed in Canada. By the way I was at the local mall as fights broke out and about 50 people were lined up ready to charge the front door! Feels heavier than it looks Average for battery life and can turn down brightness to save energy No […]