Off to CALL!


The Canadian Association of Law Libraries is holding its annual conference next week in Windsor, Ontario. This will be my first time attending, and I will be participating as part of a panel on Legal Research and Writing.

I have never presented at a conference before, and this experience will be a little out of my comfort zone. Fortunately I have four experienced co-presenters, and the topic is one I’m very familiar with. I hope attendees are able to learn something from my experiences.

Shortly after I get back, the Manitoba Library Association will be having its annual conference. I”ve been on the programming committee for this conference, and I’ll be convening a couple of sessions. There’s lots for everyone from any sort of library.

There are many opportunities for professional development at any time of the year. I am constantly finding conferences I would love to attend in person. Sometimes I follow the twitter stream, if there is one, to get an overview of the content. (Click on the hashtag to get a stream of all posts tagged with it.) I think the hashtag for CALL will be #call2010.

What are you doing to upgrade your skills this year?

~ Karen


2 Responses to “Off to CALL!”

  1. 1 Brenda W.

    Good to always find a challenge and embrace something outside your comfort zone. Otherwise we don’t develop new skills, then maybe new job or responsibilities and more salary!

    I checked out MLA program and it looks tempting. Something for everyone and not just public libraries.

  2. 2 Emma

    Good luck with your presentation, Karen. I know you’ll do great! Enjoy your time at CALL 🙂

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