Legal research textbooks


Here is some advance word on updated legal research treatises. The book Legal problem solving: research, reasoning & writing by Maureen F. Fitzgerald will get a revamp. The new edition will be updated by Susan Barker, Nancy McCormack, John Papadopoulos and Catherine Cotter , according to my sources. The last edition was published in 2007. (June 9, 2010 correction from publisher; also this edition has a new name “Practical Guide to Canadian Legal Research, 3rd edition.”)

A lot has changed in the legal and Internet world since 2007 and I wonder how changes will affect it, and another one — Legal Research and Writing.  And I know all about the new edition from my boss and author Ted Tjaden. It will be published by Irwin Law. I even saw galley proofs. Cool! Of course I was nosey and asked about how the index was put together. Authors are responsible for their own index and not the publisher. Still being curious and excited about e-books, I advocated for an electronic version though I doubt I would personally be using it. I am just thinking of the students and other lawyers who want to read it electronically. My life would be easier too, if I could point to electronic version if print copy were signed out.

Now if we could only work out a decent author discount for 10-20 copies, I would be very satisfied. Ah the struggles between niche Canadian legal publishers with a drive for profit and the authors, or the very people who make the books possible.

– Brenda


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