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I love tools like Flickr where you can upload photos in one shot for your family and friends to see. What does bother me is having the images there for everyone to see. Let’s face it as people can behave appallingly.  Your image can be saved and used for purposes that you did not intend. […]

Here is some advance word on updated legal research treatises. The book Legal problem solving: research, reasoning & writing by Maureen F. Fitzgerald will get a revamp. The new edition will be updated by Susan Barker, Nancy McCormack, John Papadopoulos and Catherine Cotter , according to my sources. The last edition was published in 2007. (June […]

When I talk to colleagues in public or academic libraries, I’m often dismayed to hear how they’re struggling to hold onto their jobs. Academic libraries are having their budgets cut drastically to deal with university deficits. Granted, some public libraries are thriving, but others are wondering whether they will lose funding due to pressure on municipalities to […]