When it all works out


I’ve been at my law firm for 4 years now, and in that time I have made a point of stepping up and offering to do things that aren’t typical library functions. It’s mostly been things that interest me, and also help out the firm. Working in the private sector it’s a little easier to work beyond your job description, and so far things have worked out really well for me.

A few months ago I was part of a committee brainstorming how to re-start a firm newsletter. The senior partners were adamant that they wanted something “different”. As I listened to the “wants”, I thought, “This could all be served by a blog.”  And voilà, a blog was born – NOT!

It took a lot more meetings, a lot of massaging by the partner-in-charge, and a lot of emails to get it off the ground. Considering law firms are one of the most conservative types of businesses around, I’m thrilled with how quickly the blog was published and how much content is being created. And now, my role is much smaller, as the lawyers do the rest of the heavy lifting, like marketing to the local business community.

I bring this up because I found the whole experience to be exactly like some of my more traditional “library” functions. I’m given something to research, find a credible source, pass it on to the client, and they become responsible for the maintenance (e.g. regularly visiting the site for updates).

I hope new libtech students and graduates have started to realize the exciting opportunities that are available to them. Mix the skills developed from a libtech diploma with a creative personality, and there’s nothing you can’t do!

~ Karen

P.S. If you’re interested in my firm’s blog, it’s PitbLAWg.


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  1. 1 B Wong

    Pitblawg is great on a variety of legal issues. Kudos to you, Karen. So many awesome professional blogs out there. Disclaimer as I used to work here, but still good info from Lang Michener wrote about a situation when employees say “I quit” it may not be a certainty. See this: http://www.langmichener.ca/index.cfm?fuseaction=content.contentDetail&ID=10973&tID=244

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