The new librarian


This post began as a promotion of  the Ontario Association of Library Technicians conference in Hamilton in May. Read more here. It is a pretty strong program this year, but I am not planning to attend. Some strong sessions are the one-person library, to renovate or not renovate, and 10+ things you should know about library service and First Nation Peoples. But one thing caught my eye was Shawn McCann’s session called “When nerds collide: the gaming librarian at McMaster University.” I had heard of digital resources librarian and the like, but what does a gaming librarian do? I know someone who is ideal for that job! After some digging, I found out McCann has been at McMaster for 3 years in this role. And he’s responsible for “exploring, creating, supporting and promoting library resources through gaming and virtual worlds.” (Source:  Immersive Learning (Gaming) Librarian appointed post in McMaster University Library blog by Jeff Trzeciak)

Then it got me to thinking that McCann would end up going to a highly specialized conference like Computers in Libraries April 2010. I could go on and on about the many fascinating sessions but go browse for yourself. Some sessions include the Social OPAC, Mobile Literacy, and Training in the Cloud. One session leaped out at me: a roundtable discussion called Dead & Innovative Technology: Recreating the Information World. Among the speakers are user experience librarian Amanda Etches-Johnson. She also works at McMaster University, which has a high profile for being an innovative library. I definitely had not heard of user experience librarian before. Read here about  it. But Amanda writes a blog on user experience issues among other things.

So if you are happy in your job, or looking for work, the library scene  offers diverse specialized ways to apply library science. There are people out there reinventing what a librarian does. I tip my hat to them.

– Brenda


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