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I am feeling burned by a combination of poor customer service and Web 2.0 technology. I signed up for a workshop with one of my professional associations. This group has dived into Web 2.0 in a big way, as I registered online for the workshop and paid with PayPal. Or so I thought, as the group took my […]

Why should diversity matter? I thought long and hard about the answer. The United States has been more sensitive to the issue. See the recent survey in Amlaw. On a micro level, professionals with a different perspective can elevate “your game.” I have a perfect example of two new professionals in a service industry. Laura […]

I’ve been following #lma10 (Legal Marketing Association 2010 Conference ) on Twitter for the past couple of days. It’s been an amazing experience to “overlisten” (as my friend April calls eavesdropping) on the discussions. One issue that has law librarians steaming (or not) is where to put the law firm library. One U.S. firm, Morrison Foerster, […]

I’ve been at my law firm for 4 years now, and in that time I have made a point of stepping up and offering to do things that aren’t typical library functions. It’s mostly been things that interest me, and also help out the firm. Working in the private sector it’s a little easier to […]

This post began as a promotion of  the Ontario Association of Library Technicians conference in Hamilton in May. Read more here. It is a pretty strong program this year, but I am not planning to attend. Some strong sessions are the one-person library, to renovate or not renovate, and 10+ things you should know about […]