The future of the library?


I’ve mentioned Seth Godin before – marketing guru, engaging speaker (he was the closing keynote at the SLA 2008 conference). He recently got the library world in a tizzy when he published a very short post on The Future of the Library. I don’t think I’ve ever read such divergent responses from people I respect!

As always, Seth gets you thinking. Here are some other opinions on “The future of the library” (I’m sure there are alot more out there):

Sarah Glassmeyer: Seth Godin and the Future of Libraries

Thoughts while waiting: Pundit Godin drives me nuts

Ryan Deschamps (The Other Librarian): Neither libraries nor information is free

Wealth Management Technology Musings: Seth’s blog: The future of the library

I am honoured and privileged to work in a library that is recognized as valuable  by my (corporate) community.  I hear very sad stories from my colleages in academic and public libraries about cutbacks in purchasing as well as jobs.

Please let me know what you think about the future of the library!

~ Karen


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