Clawbie Finalist!


As you can see from the badge proudly on display on the right, Library technician dialog was a finalist in the 2009 Canadian Law Blogs (or Clawbies) awards. Although the awards are given in fun, it’s still a great honour for Brenda and I to be recognized by our peers for our little rants! (Well, okay, only I rant.)

We’ve been blogging here for almost 2 years, and sometimes it’s really hard to come up with a great new topic. Fortunately we’ve had some help, with Emma D-W guest posting. And we would certainly welcome anyone else in the libtech community who would like to participate as well. We’ll continue to do the best we can to comment on topics of relevance to library technicians in the legal community, and hope you’ll continue to follow.

Be sure to check out all the winners here. There are some great legal blogs just waiting for you to subscribe to them!

~ Karen


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