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I have a confession to make. I think Seth Godin is totally overrated. People just love him,¬†though, and while occasionally I do find his soundbite-style edicts thought-provoking and useful, I mostly find it quite worrisome the way people immediately accept and evangelize everything he says . Especially when he pronounces that today’s libraries “can’t survive […]

I am a big believer in volunteering in the professional community and giving back to it. But it is easy for people to get over-committed and over-stretched. From time to time, we should evaluate why we are volunteering and if we are still being challenged. I am lucky enough that I have time and energy […]

I’ve mentioned Seth Godin¬†before – marketing guru, engaging speaker (he was the closing keynote at the SLA 2008 conference). He recently got the library world in a tizzy when he published a very short post on The Future of the Library. I don’t think I’ve ever read such divergent responses from people I respect! As […]

As you can see from the badge proudly on display on the right, Library technician dialog was a finalist in the 2009 Canadian Law Blogs (or Clawbies) awards. Although the awards are given in fun, it’s still a great honour for Brenda and I to be recognized by our peers for our little rants! (Well, […]