More Clawbies 2009 Nominations


As Karen posted a few days ago, it’s Clawbies season! Working on the ever-growing directory at has been one of my most enjoyable roles as a Stem-ployee, and I am always amazed at how active and dedicated the community of Canadian legal bloggers is. The sheer variety of subject matter and the quality of posts is really something we can be proud of. Even though I’m conflicted out of the real nominations process, I wouldn’t miss the chance to recognize a few outstanding contenders.

  1. Toronto Estate Law Blog (Hull & Hull) – this blog is an excellent source for timely, on point information on new estate law cases and topics, and the content is suitable both for the layman and legal professional. I’m amazed at how often their posts turn up in searches I do in my work as a law library tech. Hull & Hull also integrates podcasts and video into their blogging efforts. To me, it’s the gold standard for legal blogging – content is always written in an understandable, plain English format, published at regular intervals, covers a wide variety of topics, and is presented in an aesthetically pleasing format. I’m not the only one who thinks this blog is top-notch: the firm just earned the honour of “Best Multi-Media Website for Lawyers”, awarded by the Canadian Bar Association’s National magazine.
  2. The Stream (Courthouse Libraries BC) – Connie Crosby summed it up perfectly when she wrote, “The folks at the B.C. Courthouse Libraries have set the new standard for design and engagement by a law library in Canada.”  I have come to expect great things from any new project of CLBC, and this one lives up to those expectations. Backed by a  team of strong, enthusiastic writers, The Stream is sure to become a key blogger in the years to come.
  3. Shaunna Mireau on Canadian Legal Research – There really is a scarcity of law library bloggers, but Shaunna’s one of the few of us who’ve kept at it consistently over the years. She posts on practical, useful topics (working with students, internet and technology, social media, etc.)  and frequently includes real-life applications and anecdotes, which I really appreciate. Keep up the great work, Shaunna 🙂

Those are my nominations – hope to see lots more before the December 28th deadline. And congratulations to all the nominees and nominators who make the Canadian legal blogging community such a vibrant, exciting place. Here’s to a great 2010!

~ Emma


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