Reading devices


I got to play with new Sony Reader recently. Sorry Kindle as I did not trial it as well. I am admittedly a pounder on the keyboard and I clicked or scrolled too fast on the Reader and it froze on me. We don’t know if it was a glitch on the page, or the device needed to catch up to my clicks. What I liked and disliked about it randomly:

  • lightweight
  • size similar to trade paperback
  • nifty things like highlighting and annotating
  • poor instruction as 3rd way to markup text but did not compute
  • display of grey type on grey screen is hard to read
  • comparable print book experience

But, as recent Globe and Mail writer put it succintly that he was not going out to buy e-books for his dad, nor was there the excitement and serendipity of browsing for e-books at a rummage sale. Maybe soon one day…Here’s hoping Santa brought either a Kindle or a Sony Reader for you!

— Brenda


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