My picks for the 2009 Clawbies


The Clawbies, or Canadian Law Blog Awards are open! Time to nominate your favourite Canadian law blog. Here are my three:

1. All About Information by Dan Michaluk at Hicks Morley. Dan writes timely and thoughtful posts on privacy as well as labour and employment issues. By following him on Twitter, I manage to appear all-knowing to my firm! Thanks, Dan, for making me look good!

2. Human Rights in the Workplace by Donna Seale. Donna is a solo practitioner in Manitoba providing training in human rights issues. I usually forward her posts to my HR director for comment and discussion. I met Donna in person at the recent Pitblado lectures, and she’s as sincere as she comes across in her blog. I appreciate the education I’m getting in workplace human rights from Donna.

3. The Stream by the B.C. Courthouse Libraries. While there aren’t really enough posts to judge this blog, considering its pedigree, I’m sure it will be one I look forward to on a regular basis. I wish all courthouse libraries were as progressive and dynamic as B.C.’s, but in the absence of that, I’m grateful for free access to their resources.

Who are your picks?

~ Karen


One Response to “My picks for the 2009 Clawbies”

  1. Hi Karen! Thank you so very much for your nomination and kind comments. It was a pleasure to meet you at the Pitblado Lectures and hopefully I will have more opportunities in the future to continue further thought-provoking discussions with you.

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