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As Karen posted a few days ago, it’s Clawbies season! Working on the ever-growing directory at has been one of my most enjoyable roles as a Stem-ployee, and I am always amazed at how active and dedicated the community of Canadian legal bloggers is. The sheer variety of subject matter and the quality of […]

Reading devices


I got to play with new Sony Reader recently. Sorry Kindle as I did not trial it as well. I am admittedly a pounder on the keyboard and I clicked or scrolled too fast on the Reader and it froze on me. We don’t know if it was a glitch on the page, or the […]

The Clawbies, or Canadian Law Blog Awards are open! Time to nominate your favourite Canadian law blog. Here are my three: 1. All About Information by Dan Michaluk at Hicks Morley. Dan writes timely and thoughtful posts on privacy as well as labour and employment issues. By following him on Twitter, I manage to appear all-knowing to my […]