Planning workshops


I had to laugh a little that some things stay the same. As I organize the archives for the local Special Libraries Association chapter, I came across a gem. The local chapter was recognized for its series of programmes called “Closer Relations between the Chapters and Library Schools in their Areas” in 1962. It was a combination of library tours and lectures. But what really caught my eye was the best practices that made it recognized, are still the same ones today. The chapter widely distributed the programme and it proved to strike a balance between enough detail for solid execution and broad outline so other organizers could adapt to local conditions. Inclusiveness was also a feature so the association members were not the same faces, or the same downtown crowd. (Source: “Four and a Half Decades of Putting Knowledge to Work: A History of the Toronto Chapter Special Libraries Association” 1940-1984 by Helen Katz, Donna M. Ivey, editor)

On a lighter note, here is a link to beautiful libraries of the world as an antidote to the decentralized or modern corporate library.

– Brenda

Hydro library 1950s

Hydro Electric Power Commission of Ontario, circa 1940s or 1950s


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