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SLA 2009 Conference Round-up I first heard the term Competitive Intelligence a couple of years ago. I wondered what it meant. Competitive intelligence can be defined as the process of gathering information from a variety of sources, then the data is analyzed and applied to a specific industry, organization, or project (“Competitive Intelligence and Government […]

Brenda and I are pleased to introduce Emma D-W. Emma is another library technician who also blogs at Winnipeg o’my heart.We hope Emma will become a frequent contributor, especially when Brenda and I are having trouble coming up with posts! Welcome Emma! ~ Karen

I recently didn’t get invited to a webinar held in my firm, because the people organizing it didn’t realize I’d be interested. I was really annoyed, because it would have cost nothing for me to attend. What’s kind of amusing, though, is I was following one of my colleagues who was tweeting about it as […]

I had to laugh a little that some things stay the same. As I organize the archives for the local Special Libraries Association chapter, I came across a gem. The local chapter was recognized for its series of programmes called “Closer Relations between the Chapters and Library Schools in their Areas” in 1962. It was […]