Revisiting Vendor issues


I’m fortunate to live in a province that hasn’t been too badly hit by the current recession, (which I am reluctant to say is over, despite Prime Minister Harper’s announcement). And even though I have a reasonably secure private library, I still pay close attention to articles on librarians and vendors, particularly if the focus is on developing the relationship.

I was pointed to this article via Law Librarian Blog  (what a great title: Who Let the Marketing Dogs of War in!).  The authors give vendors a roadmap on best practices for serving their clients. (Now, how do I get the vendors to read it!)

In this harsh economic light, vendors that spend time in the firm understanding a librarian’s pressure and reflecting those growing pains in their own businesses can work with librarians as partners…. Recruiting vendors that listen to business needs and respond with pragmatic optinos will provide leverage to succeed in a firm. (p. 45)

I’d love to be “partners” with my vendors (I think we have more of an adversarial relationship). Help me manage my collection prudently, and don’t feel you have to sell me everything. And above all, don’t send sales literature to my lawyers!


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