New professional development opportunities


I’m trying to sort out how to write up my SLA conference sessions, and since I’m easily distracted, instead I’m going to point out a new blog I just found at the University of the Fraser Valley. Written by Christina Neigel, Library & Information Technology at UFV has some provocative posts on our profession.

UFV is offering a new continuing education certificate in continued professional development for library technicians, by distance.  There isn’t much information available yet, but the first course, on Emergent Library Technologies,  is currently accepting registration. Sounds like a great initiative to me!

~ Karen


4 Responses to “New professional development opportunities”

  1. 1 Stephen K

    I’ve graduated this year from Langara, and I registered today for Christina’s course. Found out about it through the BCLA list.

  2. 2 Karen

    Stephen – I’m curious as to why you would sign up for it right after graduating – are you currently working in a library?

  3. 3 Stephen Karr

    Hi Karen, I’m currently job hunting actually. In addition to just believing in continuing education, I guess I figure that involving myself in continuing education would look good on my resume and would also present networking opportunities.

    • 4 Karen

      Those are definitely good reasons – good luck in your job hunt!

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