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I’ve been getting behind in my reading. My RSS reader is overly full, and I feel overwhelmed! What that usually means is I quickly skip through most of the posts, and try to focus on the ones most relevant to me (and of course, read all the comics!).

In doing so I realized there are some blogs that are so influential to me that I still have to read every single post. I’ll share with you, in no particular order, some of the authors that I think are thought leaders in their field, and consistently provide provocative content.

Mary Abraham, Above and Beyond KM:  Knowledge Management is a field I’m really interested in. Mary’s posts always leave me thinking and trying to integrate her suggestions into my work here.

Jordan Furlong, Law21: Jordan often writes on law firm marketing and alternative business practices for lawyers. These are also areas I’m interested in, and he delivers thoughtful insights.  

Matt Homann, The [non] Billable Hour: Legal marketing again, with some great ideas and “10 Rules” lists. I also follow Matt on Twitter where he sometimes test-markets his rules.

Donna Seale, Human Rights in the Workplace: This is a topic that I think can be a minefield for employers. I am fascinated (and sometimes horrified) by the treatment of employees and employers. I frequently forward Donna’s posts to my HR director.

I’d also like to give an honourable mention to Emma Wood of Ballad in Plain E. Emma has gone into “hibernation”, as she puts it, so I can’t include her as one to follow, at least not right now. But she’s certainly one to review, if you haven’t already come across her writing.

These are just some of the many wonderful bloggers out there. As I delve into this brave new world, these are some of the people who guide me. I’d love to hear about some of yours!

~ Karen


3 Responses to “Blog round-up”

  1. 1 Brenda W.

    So many blogs so little time, here a few of gems from Toronto. I enjoy the broad range of Stephen Abram’s blog
    . Abram is Vice President of Innovation at SirsiDynix. (How is that for a job title?)

    Also I finally met Ulla de Stricker, library consultant. And I like how her latest post talks about she was inspired by a mobile optician, who makes house calls, inspired her to think about her clients imagining what they need. She often has a refreshing take on some common library themes.

  2. Karen –

    Thanks so much for including Above and Beyond KM in your special blog list. I’m delighted to learn that my posts are read, enjoyed and acted upon. And, I’m honored to be in the company of Donna, Emma, Jordan and Matt.


  3. Hi Karen! Speaking of RSS readers being full….I just happened upon your post today while rifling through mine trying to dwindle it down to something more manageable (as if!). Anyway, I wanted to sincerely thank you for mentioning my blog in your ‘must read’ list. I concur with your other selections, they are terrific reads, and am honored to have my name associated with them!

    Take care!
    Donna Seale

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