Rules of networking


I asked a colleague last year how she developed her client list. Her call to the bar had only been 10 years ago, yet she had been made partner fairly quickly, and she was very busy. She told me that she had got referrals from other members of our firm, other firms, and even judges. Even judges, I said? Wow, you must have a great reputation. As with all professions, what others think of you is even more important than what you think of yourself.

As conference season takes off, here’s a reminder about how to make a good impression from Matt Homann at the [non]billable hour. I can’t emphasize enough how small library communities are, whether it’s the location or the subject matter. Your reputation is all you have, so it’s vital that you keep it as positive as possible.

~ Karen


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  1. 1 Brenda W.

    Networking does not stop because you have a job. Do you know others in library community to lend a helping hand, and do they know about you as a good resource? My 2 bits…Also another must read at Matt Hommann’s blog is the post on 10 Rules for Conference Vendors to be outstanding in the field.

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