Conference Season!


There are all sorts of library conferences going on right now. It seems like spring/early summer is prime conference time. (Kind of like real estate…at least in the pre-subprime world.) It probably is seasonal – the renewal of spring coincides with wanting to be refreshed with new knowledge, and vice versa.

I believe strongly in the necessity for continuing education. The information profession is changing so quickly and we must stay current in order to serve our clients. You don’t have to request huge sums of money from your employer to cover that conference in Australia, however (although, that would be nice…). There may be something happening within your local library community that you can attend, or you can see if there are online webinars focussing on one or two areas that will help you bridge a knowledge gap. Here in Manitoba, the Manitoba Library Association‘s biannual conference will take place next week. For law librarians like me, the big one is the CALL conference taking place this year in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the end of May. Both Brenda and I will be heading to SLA2009 in Washington, D.C. in mid-June. I was fortunate to have my firm cover my expenses; others are not. Brenda was able to tap into a professional development grant offered by one of the associations she belongs to, to help cover her expenses.

Let us know what conferences you’re going to, and what you want to get out of them.  The library field is a life-long learning journey. Hope you’re enjoying your ride – I know I sure am!

~ Karen


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