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During some spring cleaning, I came across an appropriate resource for fellow library technicians who have been laid off. Although I hate motivational business books, the nugget sized career strategies in this pamphlet offer sensible advice for anyone who is looking for a job, or stuck in a rut thinking about their next career move. Here are a few ideas drawn from 97 Tips on How to Jump-Start Your Career-and Really Make it Happen by Peter Legge (self published c2002)

  • Listen to motivational tapes. It may sound hokey, but you have been laid off, and you need the energy boost and new ideas. It is hard work looking for work.
  • Set goals every week and find the steps to achieve them. Are you achieving your goals? Or maybe you need to revisit them and get back on track.
  • Follow up every action. It is a simple gesture, but many people don’t make phone calls or type e-mails as follow up. If you don’t get interview or shortlisted, call and ask for feedback about qualifications and skills the successful candidate had.
  • The fear of failure is human, but don’t let that paralyze you into inaction. Babies don’t get up and decide to walk one day. They explore, crawl and fall getting bumped and bruised along the way.¬†Falling is a minor setback and, as adults, we forget about failure as part of learning and success.
  • Build a good reputation. This pamphlet is dated by advising “invest in business cards” but today it may also mean what kind of online profile do you have. Before an interview for a volunteer job, my interviewer Joanna Googled me to find out some information about me. I happened to mention her in an article. Having an personal brand will make you stand out, and tell the world what you are passionate about.

Karen adds a relevant related post. Here’s an interesting post on job hunting.

In particular, check out the comment by Jim Storer. He talks about building your brand through blogging, and I realized that’s exactly what we’re trying to do.

There are many more tips about career strategies and each time I thumb through it, I get a new idea. Now I just need to follow through.

– Brenda


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  1. 1 heatherjstrout

    Thanks so much for referencing my blog post about being laid off. I agree that Jim Storer’s comments are very valuable. I think many of the comments add lots of value to the post.

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