Positive customer service


It’s easy to be negative but people should acknowledge postive customer service, too.

One of my responsibilities is serials management in a large special library. Did we get the latest issue of a title? Or is there a lapse in the subscription. Recently I called Aspen, a U.S. legal publisher, about claiming a missing journal issue. So it was a straight forward claims inquiry, but I appreciated how they were one step ahead of me. They verified our mailing address and confirmed delivery method, so I could anticipate its arrival. Too many customer service representatives don’t realize that because we are a Canadian address that it may take a lot longer for shipment to reach us. Also they made the extra effort by informing me, in future, all accounting was moving to the Canadian branch office. During these times of companies becoming global, the customer gets lost in the shuffle as the Canadian unit sometimes has communication difficulties with the international unit.

Ultimately I walked away with warm fuzzies. My question was answered promptly, and I even got extra information about imminent changes. My expectations were exceeded.

– Brenda


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