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It’s easy to be negative but people should acknowledge postive customer service, too. One of my responsibilities is serials management in a large special library. Did we get the latest issue of a title? Or is there a lapse in the subscription. Recently I called Aspen, a U.S. legal publisher, about claiming a missing journal […]

My colleague, Emma, who blogs at Ballad in Plain E,¬†brought up an interesting point regarding law library staff in Winnipeg. Coming from a firm in Vancouver, which is about the same size as my firm, she is surprised at how few library staff there are here. Her old firm had both a librarian and a […]

I could not have predicted Web 2.0 or the popularity of craigslist ten years ago, when I first got interested in the Internet. But I have been a life long newspaper reader, who has migrated to the daily online format. I don’t love the digital version of the National Post. Somehow my time is more […]

Here is a good article on the latest developments at Second Life. I did not know illegal activities are now occurring there. Although the article focuses on privacy in Second Life, the author Janet Lo discusses how this world and the avatar world of Second Life interact. – Brenda

Public Speaking


I usually agree with Seth Godin, but I think he is ignoring the value of strong narratives in giving a great presentation and distillation of the message to its core. Respect is an element, if you are a known commodity. But what if you are mid career Jane Smith and you are thrown into given […]