Know what your clients want


I just came across this post from Mary Abraham (Above and Beyond KM) which references another writer I mention a lot, Seth Godin. The original post by Seth caught my eye, but it wasn’t until Mary went into more depth with it, that I got a full sense of the value of it.

I agonize a lot over how to provide more value for my firm, especially in our current economic climate. When libraries like the Wall Street Journal are being closed, how much job security do I really have? So when someone thanks me for being thoughtful (especially one of our partners not known for his civility!), I know I’m doing a great job.

Above and Beyond KM has lots of advice for people like me, solos trying to figure out what needs to be retained, how are we going to retain it, and where do we keep it all. Check it out!

~ Karen


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  1. Karen –

    Thanks so much for mentioning Above and Beyond KM. I do hope you’ll visit often and let me know what you think about the posts.


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