CanLII latest developments


When I ran a law library, I would regularly be asked for historical legislative research. Depending on the date of the statute, I would either go to print volumes or Quicklaw. Today I would add CanLII to my toolkit, as it has added RSS feeds for noting up legislation, as well as point in time access to statutes. Check out their beta site. CanLII has also opened up access to APIs, so one could run a document through some software and then get embeded links into it.

But backing up, I agree with Wendy Reynolds’ comments on sloppy research in an electronic world (unpublished, February 12, 2009). I have a healthy respect for the folks who are still compiling legislative research. It is a fascinating but painstaking task, which a good lawyer will appreciate. Right there a researcher is adding value to their library service, and enhancing the library’s profile.

Update: Shaunna Mireau’s CanLex post on SLAW

– Brenda


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