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The newest edition of AALL’s (American Association of Law Libraries) Spectrum has several articles I found interesting (hat tip to Library Boy Michel-Adrien Sheppard). As I’ve mentioned before, professional library associations such as AALL, SLA, and CLA all publish journals to add value to their members.

I especially appreciated the articles on being a Brand Ambassador and vendor relationships. Both talk about the bigger picture, giving thought to another’s perspective when thinking about your own behaviour. I am currently a little puzzled (okay, annoyed) by one of my vendors who is not as prompt at responding to my requests as I’d like. Considering how much business we give that company, I expect better service. But perhaps I’m not a preferred client. Maybe I make too many demands. I may have to have a heart-to-heart conversation with my rep to see what can be done to make us both happy.

~ Karen

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  1. Karen, I loved the article on vendor relations, too, and have had a lengthy blog post about it in the works for the past few days – gotta buckle down and finish it!

    (I’m pretty sure you don’t make too many demands.)

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