Health Libraries Conference


I met a librarian Candace at a local library group dinner. It turns out she is from Ottawa, and active in the Canadian Health Libraries Association/ Association des bibliothèques de la santé du Canada. I talked about the nature of law libraries as she was really interested. Then I found out that health librarians are converging in my 2nd favourite Canadian city in Canada next year. Their conference is planned for May 30-June 3 in Winterpeg…oops, Winnipeg, Manitoba. (According to the BF, I am allowed to use Winterpeg having served 3 happy winters there.) But I digress, librarians have no fear as the historical temperature averages for 1971-2000 are 12 C in May and 17 C in June, according to Environment Canada. The preliminary conference sessions focus on presentation skills, measuring the library’s impact, and developing online learning tools. Enjoy friendly Manitoba and say hi to Golden Boy for me.

– Brenda


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