Stephen Abram in Winnipeg


Well, he’s been and is now long gone! On October 30th, Stephen Abram dropped in to Red River College and gave a mesmerizing presentation on the important role of information professionals. There was a great turnout of RRC library technician students mixed with members of the library community in Winnipeg.

I’m still digesting most of what he said, but what made the biggest impression to me was his description of info pros as “rock stars”. I kind of like that – as long as he didn’t mean the excess illegal substances aspect. Let’s get rid of the image of a spinster with her hair in a bun and ssh-ing. In fact, one of the hardest stereotypes I have to overcome with my patrons is that libraries are all about books.

Stephen also got a chance to make a big pitch for Special Libraries Association membership. Even though I’m a member, I was surprised at all the benefits that are available. There are so many toys to play with – if you are at all fearful of trying out blogs or wikis or any other twopointopian tools, this is a great place to practice.

There was plenty of time for a personal word with Stephen afterwards, as the evening’s sponsors provided a nice reception. I left feeling motivated and proud of my profession, and that was what made it a success for me.

~ Karen

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  1. 1 Brenda

    Nice cross posting, Karen! When I first moved to Toronto, I religiously read Stephen Abram’s blog at . I felt more connected to my virtual library community at that point. It is still a great spot to regenerate and renergize about libraries, when you have a downer day.

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