U.S. Presidential Election and Web 2.0


Tonight I am keeping an ear out for the incoming U.S. Presidential Election. Being a former political junkie I want to know how Florida, Virginia and Illinois vote. We’ll have lots to debate at coffee break tomorrow. In a related note Stephen Abram lists significant communication tools in this election at the Internet Librarian conference, as reported by Carol’s Teching Around blog.

Stephen Abram’s Top 10 Social Networking Sites That Have Influenced the US 2008 Election:
1. You Tube
2. Second Life
3. My Space
4. Facebook
5. Wikipedia
6. Ning
7. Twitter
8. Mozes
9. NowPublic
10. MyBlogLog

Readers of this space will be familiar with many of the tools, but I hope to research Mozes, NowPublic and MyBlogLog further.

– Brenda


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