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This is a bit old now but the keynote presentation by Meredith Farkas of Norwich University, at the Academic Library 2.0 conference sponsored by Librarians Association of University of California, Berkeley, was thought provoking with some practical tips, too. One of the aspects that make Web 2.0 tools hard to wrap our head around is […]

I think it’s really important to keep up with my professional reading. As a member of CLA¬†and SLA, I receive Feliciter and Information Outlook, respectively. There are many interesting articles published in both of these journals, so I keep them by my desk so I can browse them whenever I have some spare time. Unfortunately, […]

Before my current Facebook page, I was a My Space kid. If it were a high school universe, My Space was like the cool punk kids, and Facebook would be the jocks and jockettes. A mutual friend got us into My Space, because Isabelle loved punk music and she actually had music streaming from her […]

Well, he’s been and is now long gone! On October 30th, Stephen Abram dropped in to Red River College and gave a mesmerizing presentation on the important role of information professionals. There was a great turnout of RRC library technician students mixed with members of the library community in Winnipeg. I’m still digesting most of […]

Tonight I am keeping an ear out for the incoming U.S. Presidential Election. Being a former political junkie I want to know how Florida, Virginia and Illinois vote. We’ll have lots to debate at coffee break tomorrow. In a related note Stephen Abram lists significant communication tools in this election at the Internet Librarian conference, […]

I had the great pleasure and opportunity to attend a webinar presented by Greg Notess, who has been writing about search engines since 1991. The webinar itself could have been better because of sound problems but my sense was that Google still reigned supreme for searching the Internet. Notess also used Yahoo, Ask and Microsoft’s […]