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Why Twitter? I tried explaining how Twitter works to my friend Cheryl with a cell phone, who text messages a lot. Cheryl is highly mechanical-minded and loves technology. If only I had seen this concise video first explaining Twitter in plain language.

Cheryl echoes Miranda’s feelings, one hip librarian I know who loves her Facebook, yet had a visceral “I hate Twitter comment” to me. It just does not fit into her information needs. She sees it as way too much information, and does not want to be connected to what is happening with people between the e-mails and blog posts. I was honestly surprised by Miranda’s reaction. But different users have different needs.

The tide may be turning on Twitter. Even Prime Minister Stephen Harper has about 400 followers on his Twitter account. One large company president in the United States has done away with his e-mail account choosing instead to sends tweets to communicate with his employees. Twitter lends itself to being more informal, and it is a one-to-many way of communicating. Karen thinks if you are already offline friends then it is makes more sense to follow their micro-blogging on Twitter.

Basically you need to choose the Web 2.0 tool that fits your communication needs. My American friend have a photo blog about their growing child. His blog makes the gaping distance between family members smaller, when most of their relations don’t live in the same town. And I live in another country, but I can still keep abreast of little Joanne’s developments.

I also have friends who use Linked In as they are either looking for work or thinking of changing career tracks. In conclusion, the social media can be overwhelming but if you choose wisely, it can enhance your networks.

– Brenda


McMaster University Library in Hamilton, Ontario, took the initiative to teach it’s faculty about wikis, blogs and other Web 2.0 applications. A good chart is incuded in this article.


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  1. Brenda, I completely agree. It’s all about what works for you. I’ve never signed up for Facebook because I knew it would be too overwhelming. Twitter has been enjoyable for me so far – it’s not too much of a commitment: you can come and go as you are inclined. It’s a tough act to balance your professional “friends” and your personal “friends”, but as you say, choosing wisely can make you so much more connected.

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