Nudge, nudge


I’ve written before about how important networking is for special librarians, especially solos like me. Having like-minded colleagues is helpful when you’re trying to come up with ideas on how to grow your library. A couple of events happened in the space of a week that really resonated with me, and I’ll share them here.

I’m not quite sure about the order of events, but I think it went like this: First, I had lunch with my friend and colleague, Emma, who blogs at Ballad in Plain E. Emma is a lot more tech-savvy than I am, and in talking about some of the Web 2.0 tools we use, I could feel some ideas percolating in the back of my mind about how I could help some of the members of my firm to grow their business.

Then Jordan Furlong blogged at Law21 “We are all solos”. Jordan talks about personal branding in law firms, and how each lawyer within the firm needs to work at building their own brand in order to be successful. Then Steve Matthews took it a step further, over at Vancouver Law Librarian Blog, and pointed out that librarians need to consider this brand and business building for our own careers as well.

All these nudges got me thinking, and even better, made me act. I approached one of our senior associates and offered to help him build his brand. He was thrilled to be offered help, I’m stretching the role of librarian in my firm – it’s win-win all the way!

So – what new role are you going to take on today?

~ Karen


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