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*or is that an oxymoron? Brenda wrote recently on Twitter, an IM program that asks the question “What are you doing?” I love Twitter, but I follow a pretty select group of professional and personal contacts. Yes, it can be a huge time waster, but if you connect with the right people, it can also […]

My auntie Jane worked all her life in Canada in low skilled jobs. I don’t know if she even had an elementary school education. She had no need to speak English working in a factory with other Chinese speaking workers. Her children or husband took care of household tasks needing English literacy. Then she had […]

Why tweet


Why Twitter? I tried explaining how Twitter works to my friend Cheryl with a cell phone, who text messages a lot. Cheryl is highly mechanical-minded and loves technology. If only I had seen this concise video first explaining Twitter in plain language. Cheryl echoes Miranda’s feelings, one hip librarian I know who loves her Facebook, […]

Nudge, nudge


I’ve written before about how important networking is for special librarians, especially solos like me. Having like-minded colleagues is helpful when you’re trying to come up with ideas on how to grow your library. A couple of events happened in the space of a week that really resonated with me, and I’ll share them here. […]

…to Winnipeg! Stephen is the current president of SLA, and he is doing a tour of Canada west later this month. Thursday, October 30th he will be speaking with studentsĀ in the Red River College library technician program. Yes, SLA members (and even non-members!) will be invited to cozy up to him too. I’m looking forward […]