Best Libraries in the World


Or what I did on summer vacation… As a library geek I visit libraries in other cities and towns, when I am relaxing. Recently I traveled to Copenhagen and saw the Black Diamond or Royal Danish Library.  Concerts and photo exhibitions also ensure that the library is a living and breathing cultural space. There was also a sizable computer workstation area. I took a peek into the reading rooms in the older part of the building. Sometimes a new modern addition does not mesh well with the older heritage building but the Royal Danish Library seemed to solve this architectural dilemna successfully.

I did not even know about this library, but I read about it in 25 of the most modern libraries in the world. I also visited the Mitchell Library which is not on the list. But it also got a major revamp recently so that the Main Reading Hall is now an exhibition space. I learned about Glasgow’s social and political history through an newspaper exhibit of The Herald 225 years, 1783-2008.  Also, if you have Scottish ancestors, the Mitchell has an amazingly organized archive for genealogy research. I got the sense that it is a hub for business research as well as place for finding good books to read and free Internet for cardholders.

– Brenda


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