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Adults learn what they need to perform a task. I bet the typical secretary knows how to use Microsoft Word for typing their reports and memos, but does not need to know more complex functions if they are not using them. Adults are also unconsciously learning all the time in small bite sized chunks. I loved the British Columbia Courthouse Library’s series on researching the law and specifically using O’Brien’s precedents.

I was surprised by the rather elementary steps of using the library catalogue, reading a catalogue record, and locating the spine of a book. But the occasional library user may not understand the library jargon of spine nor can one assume she has experience with a library catalogue.

A short video outlining the steps to use library resources is both effective training tool, and an innovative use of Web 2.0 technologies.

– Brenda


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  1. Thanks for looking at our video tutorial on how to find forms using O’Brien’s , glad you found it effective!

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