Who wants to go to SLA 2009?


A year ago, right about this time, I happened to get an email from the Special Libraries Association Western Canada Chapter (or SLA-WCC) about their travel grant award for new professionals. All you had to do was be a member in good standing of SLA and the Western Canada Chapter, have graduated from a library program within the past 5 years, have never attended the SLA conference, and require financial assistance to attend the conference. And agree to write an article for Wired West, the e-journal of WCC, about your experience. All applicants would be put in a hat and the lucky winner would be drawn at the WCC AGM in November. The award was $1,000 plus conference registration fees.

Well, I put my name in the hat, and I won! Turns out, I was the 2nd name drawn (the first person couldn’t accept the award), and there were only 6 names in the hat to begin with.

When it comes to gambling, this is a no brainer!

This year, the award has been sweetened a little, as the 2009 conference is in Washington D.C., which will be  a little more expensive than Seattle was, in terms of airfare, hotels, etc. So the chapter is offering $1,500, although the winner will pay the conference registration fees out of that. Also, you don’t have to require financial assistance.

I found this was an incredibly easy way to show my firm the value of attending professional conferences for me, and they’ll be picking up most of the tab for me to attend SLA2009. Most but not all, because I won again – free hotel accommodations for four nights in Washington!

So – who’s going to SLA2009 with me?


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