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Ah, the sweet smell of success! One of my more tedious but essential tasks is tracking library spending. I record every invoice charged to the library budget, and split it between various accounts before sending it to accounting to be paid. A couple of months ago, I noticed that one of our publishers had started charging PST […]

Or what I did on summer vacation… As a library geek I visit libraries in other cities and towns, when I am relaxing. Recently I traveled to Copenhagen and saw the Black Diamond or Royal Danish Library.  Concerts and photo exhibitions also ensure that the library is a living and breathing cultural space. There was […]

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Adults learn what they need to perform a task. I bet the typical secretary knows how to use Microsoft Word for typing their reports and memos, but does not need to know more complex functions if they are not using them. Adults are also unconsciously learning all the time in small bite sized chunks. I […]

A year ago, right about this time, I happened to get an email from the Special Libraries Association Western Canada Chapter (or SLA-WCC) about their travel grant award for new professionals. All you had to do was be a member in good standing of SLA and the Western Canada Chapter, have graduated from a library […]