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I tried using Cozi organizer about a year ago for the shopping list and appointment calendar features. We never got it up and running, but I like the idea that multiple users can see the family appointment calendar and add to weekly shopping list. Now Cozi also works with Microsoft Outlook so you can see appointment in Outlook on your work computer. The text message feature and family journal of digital images may be useful for some busy parents, but they were not useful in our household. Although I used Cozi on the Internet, the same information can be sent to Blackberries and other PDA’s or cell phones. An alternate organizer is Google Calendar which you can access at the office as well. Life gets busier and a tool for organizing grocery shopping and which kid is at which extra curricular event is a lifesaver.

— Brenda


2 Responses to “Family organizer”

  1. 1 Shoster

    What about I found a pretty easy to use group site called which is pretty nice and canb be used for families. seems like overkill unless you have a huge family.

  2. 2 Brenda

    Thanks to Shoster..Sheesh, the more you delve the more tools there are. I also found a link to 30 boxes which has been around since 2006 roughly and is able to track Blogger, MySpace, Flickr and Webshots, too.

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