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Kudos to the Houston Area Library System for an excellent three-part module on Customer Service training. Some good pointers on effective listening, verbal cues and non-verbal behaviour in customer interactions, and handling difficult patrons are outlined. I especially liked the logical steps in diffusing difficult customer interactions. My basic tenets are to allow the person […]

Stephen Cohen at Library Stuff referenced an article in the Washington Times about the SLA conference in Seattle that I just attended.  The author was (apparently) surprised at how far librarians have moved from being custodians of books to full fledged geeks.  As I read the article, I started to hyperventilate. I wasn’t at any […]

I tried using Cozi organizer about a year ago for the shopping list and appointment calendar features. We never got it up and running, but I like the idea that multiple users can see the family appointment calendar and add to weekly shopping list. Now Cozi also works with Microsoft Outlook so you can see […]