Going, going, green!


At SLA2008 in Seattle, one of the big initiatives was to make the conference as green as possible. There were no piles of bottled water to grab from, instead there were water coolers where you could fill up the new reusable water bottle you could receive courtesy of the Pacific Northwest chapter. Instead of handouts, we were encouraged to check the website after the conference to download the presentations (and obviously view them electronically, rather than printing everything!). Waste was not only being recycled, there was even a compost bin to take used coffee cups and other compostable waste. Seattle itself is a conscientiously green city, with taxis running on natural gas (although since that’s a fossil fuel itself, I’m not sure how green an initiative that is). Conference organizers even had a carbon credit offset program in place, although I’m not quite sure how that was supposed to work.

With over 5,000 people in attendance, there had to have been significant reductions in waste just by the lack of handouts alone. Hopefully this effort will become the norm as we try to responsibly use the resources of our planet.

~ Karen


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  1. 1 Brenda W.

    On a recent trip to Vancouver, B.C., I purchased a gooey cinnamon bun and the clerk was going to give it to me in wax paper. But I requested paper bag too, because I was traveling a bit. The West Coast (Seattle and Vancouver) is miles ahead of other places for thinking green. I consciously try to bring my mug to Starbucks in Toronto, but I don’t see many people doing that. Every little bit counts to saving the planet.

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