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Because Karen and I work in special libraries, we don’t focus often enough on school libraries or public libraries. But today I found an interlibrary loan (ILL) initiative that works for school or public libraries.

Chris Harris wrote about treating ILL initiative as a game with points and everything. So there is someone else out there who regards ILL as a challenge. I like to also see what the other local libraries are asking for as items to borrow on the listserv. At year end, I have generated statistics to see if any frequently requested items should be added to our collection.

The author Harris writes for School Library Journal, and I can see this adapted for a smallish public library system, too. He makes a good point of using existing collections better as more collections become digital.

— Brenda


One Response to “All fun and games”

  1. 1 Karen

    I really like your idea of keeping stats on frequently requested items. That’s a great way to help collection development.

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