M.A.L.T. Conference review


I attended the Manitoba Library Technicians Association conference on Friday, May 23rd. The theme of the conference was “Information Superheroes”, and we had presentations from three super people.

Mark Rabnett, head librarian at St. Boniface Hospital’s medical library (part of the University of Manitoba library system), gave an informative and entertaining presentation on Google tips and tricks. After a brief history of the company, he showed examples of ways to more effectively search through the billions of pages indexed on Google. My own searching is fairly specialized, and I turn to Google as a last resort, so the tips he gave will be very helpful in digging deep into the grey literature that hovers on the web.

Heidi Rees, Cataloguer / Electronic Resource Librarian at the Manitoba Legislative Library, talked about the development of the virtual collection that her library is working on. Heidi’s humourous take on all aspects of the digital library made for a highly enjoyable presentation.

The final talk of the afternoon was on teen services at the Winnipeg Public Library, by Sophie Walker, but since I don’t deal with teens (at least not at work), I didn’t stay.

I thought this was a well organized event, with a group of topics that were suitable for all types of libraries. I learned something, caught up with some colleagues, and even had a great light lunch! What more could you ask for?

~ Karen


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