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I feel like a detective at work as I carry out my interlibrary loan responsibilities. If a user requests a journal or book that is not in our library, I request it from another library. That is the definition of interlibrary loans. I have local library contacts, who work in the same office building and […]

Karen and I were discussing the different approaches to vendor relationships. Sometimes you need to fix a problem and there are different negotiating strategies. Are you aggressively pursuing your point? Or do you prefer a different style? Karen thought that yelling and demanding concessions does not advance your case very far. She prefers a collegial […]

I attended the Manitoba Library Technicians Association conference on Friday, May 23rd. The theme of the conference was “Information Superheroes”, and we had presentations from three super people. Mark Rabnett, head librarian at St. Boniface Hospital’s medical library (part of the University of Manitoba library system), gave an informative and entertaining presentation on Google tips […]

There’s been a lot of chatter in the blogosphere lately on the role of law schools in preparing students for the actual work of a lawyer. I pay attention to this, since I¬†help develop the research skills of law students and new associates. Two recent posts caught my attention, for their similar yet¬†divergent viewpoints. Jordan […]

Yesterday I finally got the library mending supplies I’d ordered about 6 weeks earlier. (I’d kind of forgotten I’d ordered them, to be honest!) Most of the books in my library are in very good shape, but some of the older reporting series have split along the spine, and need to be put back together. […]

Customer service promoted by library marketing is a theme of this blog. Here are some creative ideas for library marketing projects. When I started my job, I found a customized index card at my cubicle. The card measures about 3 x 5 inches publicizing Marketing, Library and Accounting with appropriate contact and phone information. It […]

Data security


On a visit to the local coffee shop I saw a Blackberry and a jacket left unattended. A ripe opportunity for theft. It reminded me of reading in Canadian Lawyer, April 2008 about data security. Breach of data is also heightened with the popularity of thumb drives and Blackberries. A Toronto company called DataXile Corporation […]