Much More Computer Tips


I remember reading somewhere that we use about 10 percent of the functions in a computer program. PC Magazine published 529 Computing Tips to help you work better with Windows Vista, Word and Excel. Worth a look even if you only pick up a few tips, or even become aware of super users’ tricks. I can’t say I am a super user but, at work, I use rules with almost 300 distribution lists in Outlook. Not only am I saving time, but also the e-mails all have a standard copyright statement and usage policy included.

– Brenda


One Response to “Much More Computer Tips”

  1. 1 Karen

    I started using rules too – they’re wonderful, especially when you’re away. However, I seem to have maxed out the number of rules that Outlook will process. Hopefully some of those tips will tell me how to get extra rules working.

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