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I remember reading somewhere that we use about 10 percent of the functions in a computer program. PC Magazine published 529 Computing Tips to help you work better with Windows Vista, Word and Excel. Worth a look even if you only pick up a few tips, or even become aware of super users’ tricks. I […]

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. ~ Joseph Addison  ~ I end up reviewing a lot of material in my firm. I browse blogs, enewsletters, as well as regular print journals and newspapers. In fact, reading this mornings’ round of blog updates, I came across this post from Steven Cohen on […]

In a recent Financial Post article Fiona MacFarlane discusses the next level of training leaders from diverse backgrounds. She came to Canada in 1987 armed with 4 degrees and eager to work, but employers probably saw her as “overqualified” and without direct Canadian work experience. We are similar, as I have a degree and a […]



As a member of CLA I receive Feliciter, their bimonthly journal. I look forward to my copy which usually has one or two articles of interest to me as a solo library technician. The current edition, Vol. 54, No. 2 features Library Technicians as its theme. At first, I was a little miffed that Library Technicians would […]

In my ideal world, customer service training or more specifically, a dealing- with-difficult-people workshop, would be an essential course for incoming qualified library technicians. The biggest difference between what libraries offer versus the Internet is personalized customer interaction. Especially in corporate libraries, we retrieve and deliver customized information to the users. Or sometimes it is […]