Network, Network


When I was studying for my library technician diploma, I knew I wanted to work in a special library. I liked the idea of being able to use all the skills I was learning. Since graduating, I have worked in two special libraries – one in an academic environment and the other for a private firm. The variety has kept me interested, and I’ve also enjoyed the independence of being a solo library technician.

The downside of working by yourself, is, well, working by yourself. Within my firm, there’s no one else who really understands what I do, so I have to look outside the firm for help. Fortunately, there are many library associations (some would say, too many library associations!) that offer assistance on everything from how to answer really tough reference questions to how to catalogue that truly unique resource. I belong to the Canadian Library Association (CLA), Special Libraries Association (SLA), Canadian Association of Law Libraries (CALL), and the Manitoba Association of Library Technicians (MALT). While there is some overlap in the services offered by these associations, there is also enough different to warrant each membership.

I also have a network of personal acquaintances who work in libraries. Sharing best practices and bouncing ideas off each other is also beneficial when you work by yourself. I’d be interested in hearing about other networks. — Karen


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  1. 1 Brenda

    If I was in the more specialized field of Records Management then I would want to belong to ARMA. I don’t have patience to figure out what the acronym stands for..

  1. 1 Nudge, nudge « Library technican dialog

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